How to Uninstall Spotify on Mac OSX

Red Lina

Step 1: Stop Spotify

The first step to uninstall Spotify on Mac OSX is to shutdown the program or else you won't be able to uninstall a running program. There're two common ways we can se to stop a running application on Mac. Switch to the Spotify app running window and then:

  • Press Cmd + Q at the same time.
  • Click the Spotify and then click Quit Spotify.

Remove Spotify on Mac

Step 2: Remove Cache Files

In the Finder app go to /Library/Caches/ folder and remove the com.spotify.Client folder there (if you found any).

Remove Cache Files

Step 3: Remove the Program File

The final step to completely remove Spotify on Mac is to delete the applicatioin program file. Navigate to the /Application folder and delete the file in this folder.

Remove Application File

To reinstall Spotify you can either search for Install Spotify in the search box of Spotlight application and click on the result. Or if you can't find any then go to the Spotify download page and download the installer and install it again.