Chrome - Remove Autocomplete URLs on Mac

Jark Kween

Developed by Google, the World's giant tech company, Chrome is one of the most popular web browser software with today lots of awesome features. When we use Chrome to browser webpages, it saves all the URLs we visited in the history. For the next time, when we type something in the address bar, Chrome will match the string we typed in with those characters in the URLs it has saved to suggest us list of pages we might want to visit.

Chrome - Remove Autocomplete URLs on Mac

This features is useful since it saves us from having to type the entire URL before hitting return or enter key. However, sometimes it will be annoying if you have accidentally visited a unwanted webpage and later on Chrome always shows this URL in suggested list below the address bar.

Don't be frustrated because removing a URL from suggested list in Chrome on Mac is very easy just by following those three simple step:

  • Step 1: You type some characters in Chrome address bar that match with the URL you've visited (and want to remove). Chrome will show this URL to suggest you.
  • Step 2: Use the Arrow Down or Arrow Up key to navigate to this URL.
  • Step 3: Hit shift + fn + delete keys to get rid of this unwanted URL in the suggestion list.

The unwanted URL will disappear after step 3 and the next time Chrome won't show it as a suggestion unless you visit it.